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Top 5 reasons to enliven your marketing efforts with 3D architectural renders
Top 5 reasons to enliven your marketing efforts with 3D architectural renders

When it comes to marketing properties or real estate, visual communication plays a very important role. Remember the adage, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’? This is especially apt if the visual is compelling, intricate and realistic.

3D architectural renders are computer-generated, life-like, three-dimensional images that feature visual effects, such as texture mapping, reflection, motion blurs, shadows, and shading. They translate concepts, designs, architecture and interiors into imagery that clients can see and understand. 3D architectural renders even include complete details of lighting, furnishings, ventilations, wall and flooring.

But how can a heightened sense of the reality of the space and concepts improve sales and marketing efforts? Here are 5 reasons why 3D architectural renders makes for a foolproof marketing tool:

1.Visual representation – 3D rendered models offer clients a detailed and clear representation of each aspect of architectural and interior designs.

2.Flexibility – Rendered models may be used as snapshots or walkthroughs in collateral and presentations.

3.Feasibility – Instead of showing clients sample structures or scaled model presentations, sending them rendered images and animated walkthroughs saves valuable time and effort.

4.Cost-effective – 3D models that are well rendered are more effective and economical than constructing sample houses or scaled models.

5.Easy revisions – Changes can be easily done on 3D models and presented back to the client. This ensures that all details are updated in a minimum span of time.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, smart players invest in constant innovation. Give clients the chance to see your vision through photo realistic visualisations — and start driving sales.

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